PATCH has receieved a donation of tins of soup, pasta and toilet rolls from a local accountancy firm.

Ashmole and Co staff across Pembrokeshire have donated the items to help those fighting hunger and hardship during the current coronavirus pandemic.

According to PATCH’s statistics in May 2020, 13,905 needed assistance. This is compared to 3,435 receiving donations in the same month in 2019.

Ian Badham, Partner in Ashmole & Co’s Haverfordwest office, said: “We are always keen to support other local businesses and causes. When I suggested to staff that we could all help by making a donation to PATCH they were very keen to assist.

“We all appreciate this is a difficult time for many. We have heard from clients whose businesses are seriously struggling through no fault of their own. We are helping to give advice on the various grants and loans available, but we know of many that sadly are not getting the financial support they need.”

PATCH was set up in 2008 to help fight hunger and hardship in Pembrokeshire. The organisation gives free food parcels, clothing and household items to those in financial crisis in Pembrokeshire.