THE lovely llamas of Pembrokeshire, who trotted into the worldwide media spotlight for their lockdown services, have been praised by the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson says he is 'uplifted' by the way Matt Yorke harnessed up his llamas to delivery groceries to neighbours at Rhydwilym, in the foothills of the Preselis.

And today (Wednesday), he has chosen Matt to receive his daily Points of Light award.

In a personal letter to Matt, Boris said: "I want to thank you for all you have done throughout this pandemic to deliver essential supplies.

"I was so uplifted to hear of the ingenious way you have harnessed your llama, Max, to assist you in this mission!

"Together, you have lifted the spirits of those you have served and brought a moment of levity to all who have seen your story across the world."

Matt's Pembrokeshire Llamas business has now just re-opened after lockdown, offering holidays and llama walks, and he is also working to set up a UK llama sanctuary.

Reacting to the Prime Minister’s announcement, Matt said: "I continue to be amazed at the interest the world has in the llama deliveries that we provided during the initial Covid-19 lockdown period.

"We were just trying to help out our friends who also happened to be our neighbours, but the story somehow caught the public imagination and ended up being reported all over the world. It has been brilliant hearing from people all across the globe who have since heard about our llamas.

"Whilst the deliveries started out as just us trying to be helpful whilst keeping our neighbours safe, the situation ended up as something much more unexpected yet equally important - it provided joy and humour at a time of great darkness and suffering across the world.

"Seeing people’s faces light up at the sight of a llama in front of them - be they neighbours, television presenters, journalists, cameramen, the public at large, or a Prime Minister - it’s clear that llamas have the potential to bring great joy to all those who come across them.

"We had no idea whatsoever at the time how much that message would resonate across the world, but we are glad that we had the opportunity to contribute in our own small way."

The Prime Minister’s UK daily Points of Light award was first launched in April 2014 to recognise outstanding individuals making a difference where they live.

Matt is the 1436th person to be recognised. As the UK unites to fight the spread of coronavirus, the award is focusing exclusively on people serving their community through the pandemic.