LOCKDOWN has been the perfect opportunity for one local charity to put in some improvements, thanks to visitor feedback.

Mind Pembrokeshire, a mental health charity based in Haverfordwest, has a series of improvements they’re putting in place before a planned September reopening.

Outlining some of the improvements, a spokesperson for the charity said: “You said we needed an extra loo – done.

“It’s wheelchair friendly as we’re working to make every part of our centre available to everyone.

“You said that the shed wasn’t private enough for one to ones – our awesome builders have built a soundproofed one to one room where the shed was.

“You wanted more space - In light of the pandemic we’ve seen that our office workers can work successfully from home freeing up valuable space for our awesome services.”

The upstairs has also been completely re-designed, with two more rooms for private conversations and a bathroom with a shower.

The current music room is gaining extra space and a new window.

There will also be tea and coffee making facilities upstairs.

Lydia Salerno, office manager at Mind Pembrokeshire said: “We are so excited to share our new and improved space with you as soon as we possibly can.

“We are working hard behind the scenes ready for when people come back.

“All the developments we have been making have been from the feedback we have had.”

Ms Salerno said they were now looking towards getting a lift installed to make the entire building wheelchair accessible.