A CALL is being made to Welsh Secretary Simon Hart to urge the Home Office to reconsider Penally Training Camp as the location for asylum seekers.

A night of disturbances has taken place outside the camp ahead of the arrival of the first of its 234 residents.

The village's county councillor, Jon Preston, described the scenes as 'disgraceful'.

He had now written to local MP Mr Hart, sending him on the email from a concerned resident which he said 'captures the feelings of this small rural community', and asking him to give the matter his urgent attention

Cllr Preston told Mr Hart: "As our representative at Westminster, you are the only one in any position to request that this location is re-considered.

"We have proven in the past that as a community we can rise to most challenges, however riots on the doorsteps of an elderly community is totally unacceptable."

The resident who contacted Cllr Preston described the situation outside the camp in the early hours as 'disgusting', and went on to detail '..barking police dogs with the riot police, bypass closed by four police cars with flashing lights, a loud crowd of shouting protesters and an equally loud large number of shouting riot police trying to exert control.

"The Home Office have breached their own guidelines placing these asylum seekers here in every respect and some of the threats of planned violence and criminal damage that I have heard being talked about by some outsiders in the protests is a matter of real concern.

"Can you please do all you can to get this awful decision by the UK government/ Home Office reversed as a matter of urgency. The situation is already having a bad effect on the physical and mental health of some Penally residents, myself included.

"I have not had one proper night’s sleep since this decision became known about to the local community last Monday. I have had no sleep at all last night because of the events described."

*Following a request from Cllr Preston, an online briefing has been confirmed for Pembrokeshire County Council members for Wednesday afternoon (tomorrow) and Dyfed Powys Police will be in attendance. Other stakeholders including the Home Office and community council have also been invited to participate.