THREE businesses required to make improvement to coronavirus safety have done so, while another is added to the list.

The Castle Hotel in Haverfordwest is the latest business to receive a Covid-19 improvement enforcement notice from Pembrokeshire County Council.

It had until 4.30pm on Thursday, September 24 to make improvements and then a follow up review will be carried out

Pizza Time and Morrisons supermarket, both in Haverfordwest, and the Bush Inn, Tenby, have all made changes which mean they now comply with the guidelines.

Pembrokeshire council, along with all local authorities in Wales, have the power to close businesses that fail to comply with Covid-19 safety guidelines under Welsh Government rules.

It includes hygiene measures, allowing for social distancing provision, limiting close face to face interaction, controlling shared facilities and collecting information from those on the premises.

The rules came into force on August 7 and allow councils to issue improvement notices with action to be taken in a set period, take action to revoke a venue’s licence or issue a closure notice, for up to 14 days.

In Ceredigion an Aberystwyth pub has been closed for two weeks.

A licensing officer report states that The Mill Inn failed to take all reasonable measures to ensure social distancing inside the pub and when people were waiting outside, there was no system to limit numbers, and insufficient spacing between designated seating areas.

The latest on closures and enforcement can be found on the local authority websites.