WOULD you like to own a share in a community wind turbine?

If so, you can now invest in a Pembrokeshire project for as little as £100, and with the lure of four per cent interest.

Renewable Power Pembrokeshire (RPP) have just opened their share offer for their turbine in the south county community of East Williamston.

Constructed earlier this year, the 900 kilowatt turbine is producing clean renewable energy and income from the Feed in Tariff.

RPP director, Roxanne Treacy, said: “This is a great opportunity to be part of a practical response to the climate emergency.

"By buying a share in the turbine, you will be supporting this community-led renewable energy project and will also benefit from a green financial investment. "The turbine will also help the local community, with a community fund being generated to benefit local school and projects.”

The chair of RPP, Peter Davies,said: “I have been pleased to have chaired this process since 2016, especially having been Commissioner for Sustainable Futures working to promote renewable energy across Wales.

"It has been a great learning experience."

The project attracted finance from the Development Bank of Wales, and Mr Davies added that the project history also demonstrates the importance of:

* community leadership;

* the role of community development organisations;

* the essential specialist support and grant aid provided through the Welsh Government;

* the legal advice from Capital Law;

* bridging loans from Robert Owen Community Banking;

* the collaboration with landowners and

* the partnership with private companies like EWT, Windcare and Western Power Distribution.

He added: "“It is important to acknowledge that the project has been led by volunteer directors from its origins in 2006 to completion of construction in 2020.

"The baton had to be passed on with ill health and project fatigue taking its toll on volunteers through this period.

"I particularly want to thank the Community Energy Pembrokeshire/Renewable Power Pembrokeshire volunteer directors who I worked with to see the project through the challenging final stage and - on their behalf -a final thanks for the great support received from Welsh Government’s Energy Service”

The turbine site at Prouts Park Farm, East Williamston, was identified through a screening process funded by Planed in 2009. The landowner agreed a concessionary rate of rent for a community turbine, and since then considerable technical work has been undertaken by Seren Energy Limited, partly funded by Seren and partly by the Welsh Government’s Ynni’r Fro, Ynni Lleol and Welsh Government Energy Service Programmes.

RPP is a Community Energy Pembrokeshire (CEP) project. CEP has no shareholders and is a not-for-profit organisation.

One hundred per cent of surplus funds produced by the project will be provided to community -led sustainable proposals.

Full details and how to invest can be found on the CEP website