A TALE set in Fishguard has been included in this year's Best (British) Short Stories anthology, regarded as the nation's top annual guide.

Whale Watching, by local author, Diana Powell centres around the 1954 filming of Moby Dick, starring Gregory Peck and directed by John Huston.

The problems encountered on the set gave rise to a number of rumours and legends, including the idea that a giant white whale drifted out to sea, with the famous actor on board.

The main character in the story certainly thinks she saw such a thing, and this belief becomes the obsession of her life.

Whale Watching won the 2019 Chipping Norton Literature Festival Prize, and was voted runner-up in this year's prestigious Society of Authors ALCS Tom-Gallon Trust Award.

As well as featuring in Best (British) Short Stories, where it is the only story by a Welsh writer, it can also be read in Diana's short story collection, Trouble Crossing the Bridge, which was published in July by Chaffinch Press.

Diana has also won the 2014 PenFro Prize, gained third prize in this year's TSS Cambridge Prize, together with several other competition placings, along with publication in a number of anthologies and journals.

Her novella, Esther Bligh, was published in 2018 by Holland House Books. She read Whale Watching in the online launch of her collection, but hopes to read it live in Fishguard as soon as the current pandemic restrictions allow.