WARNINGS that tragedy is waiting to happen on a road through a south Pembrokeshire village are being voiced by concerned residents.

Over 70 people in the Begelly area have signed a petition asking Pembrokeshire County Council to address the problems of speeding traffic on the A478.

“The signage states 30mph, but the speed is similar to that of a motorway,” said one villager, Stephen Scanlon.

Residents are having to walk with their heads down - not only to keep an eye on the inadequate pavements, but to avoid being decapitated by speeding lorries - and there have been ‘numerous’ near misses, he said.

And senior citizens unable to drive are unwilling to make the walk down the road to church because they ‘fear for their lives’,

Drivers who observe the 30mph speed limit are constantly being overtaken by others travelling at over 60mph, frequently those who have come into the village from the northerly direction where 50mph and 40mph speed limits are in force before the 30mph limit begins.

Mr Scanlon said: “In Templeton, there are flashing signs to warn motorists that the speed limit is 30 and also camera signs, and periodically, police with speed cameras. So why not in Begelly?

“The residents passed this information to the Kilgetty Begelly Community Council, who in turn contacted Pembrokeshire County Council. They were informed that it is not a priority. There will be a tragedy soon, and this will be down to Pembrokeshire County Council.

“There is other road work being done in our area, so why is it not possible to do something about the horrendous conditions in Begelly?

“Visitors from the caravan parks walk up to Folly Farm, not realising the risks they are taking with their families’ lives, as it is impossible for push chairs to use the footpath.

“To add insult to injury, the footpath is not fit for purpose, it is degraded and narrow, and only on one side of the road, just two feet wide in places.

“We all realise that Covid has impacted on the council, but we do need some safety measures implemented before there is a serious accident. This issue has been going on for many many years, and we are still waiting for it to be resolved.”

A spokesman for Pembrokeshire County Council said: “Pembrokeshire County Council is suggesting that a small working group be established to explore the issues raised by residents and possible speed management measures in a co-ordinated manner

“This is an approach we have used in other locations across the county.

“It provides an opportunity to meet on site at the individual location in order to discuss and understand at first-hand the concerns.

“The group can also discuss what possible solutions are appropriate and available within the limited funding opportunities.”