A PEMBROKESHIRE lake is anything but Heartbreak Hotel for pelican pair Elvis and Priscilla.

The big-beaked duo are amongst four pink-backed pelicans who have recently taken up residence at Folly Farm.

The quartet are gracing the attraction’s Pelican Lake in the Asian Adventure enclosure, and couldn’t be happier in their new surroundings.

Thriving on a diet of roach and sprats, Elvis and Priscilla, who are both three years old, join Folly Farm. from Wild Discovery near Blackpool.

Their companions on the lake are Hank and Rita, who both hatched earlier this year, and come from zoos in Germany and France respectively.

They have already bonded since coming to Folly Farm as part of the European Breeding Programme for the species, and so hopes are high that there will be the patter of tiny webbed feet in the coming years.

Zoo curator Tim Morphew said: “We’ve waited a long time for this arrival.

"The national lockdown meant the movement of animals within the European Breeding Programme has been challenging but we’re delighted the pelicans are now with us and settling into their new home at Asian Adventure.

"Pelican Lake was designed to house these impressive birds and in the meantime the planting and wildlife has blossomed into the perfect habitat for them.”

Added zoo keeper Martha Griffiths: “They look so at home on the lake and the keepers are all really taken with them already, I’m sure our visitors will be too.”