A CHRISTMAS call to make sure there is a special sparkle on the streets of Narberth this festive season has gone out from the town council.

The council has launched the Shine initiative on its Facebook page to encourage residents to make an extra effort in lighting up their homes.

Town mayor Chris Walters said: "As we switch on our festive Christmas lights around the town, we are asking residents to join us in decorating their windows/houses to bring some holiday cheer.

"It could be as little as putting a string of battery fairy lights up to lighting up their windows or going full-on with decorating their whole house with a festive display - the choice is completely theirs.

"Those taking part are also welcome to use the hashtag #Narberthatchristmas and tagging Narberth Town Council in for their entry to be shared.

"However whatever any resident does this Christmas – Narberth Town Council just remind everyone to please stay safe - avoid climbing ladders, and using naked flames like candles for displays."

Mayor Chris, in his second year in the role, spoke of his pride in the 'resilience' of the community in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

"It was great so see so many individuals of the community coming together to keep the spirits high - including the Rainbow Fairy, Diana Brook, who went round the whole of Narberth drawing rainbows and leaving messages of hope in windows, to the team of Tinman Tuesday who supported the community food bank by safely collecting tins from community driveways," he added.

He also thanked everyone who has visited, stayed, shopped and invested in Narberth over the past 12 months.

"Without the support of the community and visitors alike our High Street - including surrounding businesses - would definitely not survive," he said.

"During my term as mayor for a second year, I have had the joy in meeting some fantastic individuals and I am extremely proud to represent this fantastic town.

"I am proud of what we achieve as a community and, as both mayor and a town council member, I always encourage people to engage with us and let us know if we can do anything to improve our community.

"2021, I am sure, will be a year we all restart our lives, get back to a normal way of life and continue to support venues such as the Queens Hall who put on fantastic events and activities for all the community to get involved with -which unlike many other businesses have been unable to re-open to its fullest extent."

And on a personal note, mayor Chris said that he and his girlfriend Bron are particularly looking forward to the end of this year as they are expecting their baby girl.

Sending Christmas and New Year greetings on behalf of Narberth Town Council and his deputy mayor, Cllr Sue Rees, he added: "Christmas is not only a time of joy and festivity, but also the time of year when we should look out for those who are alone, vulnerable, or without close family ties.

"I trust you will pause briefly in your own celebrations to remember those less fortunate than yourselves on Christmas Day."