THE Hubberston and Hakin Community Centre has recently established an innovative partnership with the Arbed am Byth scheme which is funded by the Welsh Government.

The aim of the partnership is for Arbed to install appropriate energy efficiency measures at the Centre.

The Hubberston and Hakin locality has been identified as an area of high fuel poverty that would benefit most from the scheme.

Among the initiatives planned at the Centre include Roof Insulation, Draft Proofing measures, New Water Boilers, LED lights, Water efficient taps and Lighting controls.

These will complement the recent installation of PV Solar Panels and a new Gas Boiler with Zonal Temperature controls at the Centre.

A Trustee from the Community Centre commented: “The support from Arbed during these most difficult times are very much appreciated. By making the building more efficient from an energy perspective while supporting the environment makes the Centre sustainable in the longer term.

“Thus, ensuring that we will be able to welcome back all our previous activities at the Centre for the local community when all the Covid restrictions are eventually lifted.”