CONTROVERSIAL Pembroke Dock county councillor Paul Dowson has today, January 12, announced he will sit as a UKIP councillor, the first in Wales for the party.

Cllr Dowson has made the choice, the party has said, following UKIP Wales announcing that it will fight the 2021 Senedd elections on a platform against the Senedd’s ‘Nation of Sanctuary,’ offering support for asylum seekers.

UKIP Wales leader Neil Hamilton made the pledge yesterday, prior to Cllr Dowson’s announcement, citing the Penally asylum seekers camp as an “illegal migrant camp” for “bogus asylum-seekers”.

Mr Hamilton has previously been taken to task by Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford for his 'deliberately inflammatory comments' over the Penally Camp situation.

Cllr Dowson has previously courted controversy for his opposition to a decision to illuminate County Hall, Haverfordwest in support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) campaign, in memory of George Floyd, and in solidarity with the protests his death sparked around the world.

He has also, along with his now party leader Neil Hamilton, frequently raised the issue of the asylum-seekers’ camp in Penally.

Speaking about his decision to join UKIP, the Pembroke Dock Central councillor said: "I'm delighted to announce that I am joining UKIP.

"UKIP is the only common-sense alternative to the stale, out of touch Labour/Conservative/Plaid politically correct consensus.

“Politicians branded Wales a 'Nation of Sanctuary' and actively encourage illegal migrants to Wales.”

Cllr Dowson, in his statement upon joining UKIP, added: "UKIP has the courage to deal with the tough issues that Senedd politicians want to ignore and sweep under the carpet - starting by scrapping the Nation of Sanctuary project.”

Neil Hamilton, said he was “thrilled to welcome Cllr Dowson into UKIP,” and said he would “play a key part in our 2021 Senedd elections campaign,” in which UKIP will be fighting to scrap the Senedd and end the ‘Nation of Sanctuary’.