A leading science and technology company has released a new study showing the detrimental impact Covid-19 has had upon informal care workers.

The global research by Merck concluded that the majority of informal carers have experienced increased emotional burden, issues with telehealth and technology, and suffered a financial impact. 

A management leader for care workers, both registered and voluntary in and around Pembroke, has said the loss of support packages, and freedom from home isolation with their patients has been difficult for carers. 

However, it seems the local exception to this rule is Eileen Trees. An ex-Latin dance teacher who has been caring for her husband Barrie since 2019, has told the Western Telegraph that she actually quite enjoyed her time during the pandemic. 

Mrs. Trees had to start isolating a year before the initial lockdown in 2020, due to a decline in her husbands health. This left her noticing little change during the pandemic, even saying it helped her delve deeper into a Christian faith.

I actually quite enjoyed the lockdown. 

Crediting her good spirits on the support from the community, which include neighbours keeping them company and running errands for the pair when they can.   

With the benefit of both Barrie and Eileen being retired their financial worries are covered, plus the local support from neighbours and friends has boosted their optimism. The only thing Eileen would second from the Merck reports is the effect of telehealth and technology.

Western Telegraph:

Living in a rural area means that the couple's landline and tech services often cut out. Whilst this makes it harder to not only contact loved ones and friends, it also made it impossible for Eileen to do online grocery shopping, which rocketed in the first lockdown.

Luckily some friendly advice from Eileen, and Barries friends means that they are now able to get food delivered when, and where they want it with less hassle. Opting to buy from smaller local businesses rather than national chain supermarkets.