Work has started on reinstalling and extending the Dipping Platform at the Barnard's Tower end of Pembroke Millpond.

This project has been funded by the Welsh Government through Local Nature Partnerships Cymru, facilitated by WCVA. 

Reinstalling and improving the platform will take 2 days. Until the work has been completed the Pembroke Town Council is urging people to stay away from the platform as a safety precaution. 

This is the third part of a a four stage project to improve the millpond. Previously the town council has removed algae from the pond and cut back reed beds completed in 2020. 

Western Telegraph:

The fourth and final stage of this project will require volunteers to help out with water sampling and some practical works.

Pembroke Town Council say "Unfortunately Due to the Covid pandemic and subsequent restrictions this has prevented us meeting up as a group, but hopefully in the months ahead we can arrange this and meet up on a regular basis to care for this site." 
However there has been some backlash to the project. Local fisherman Michael Rixon says he wants work in other areas of the pond to commence, "the barrage is never used as it was intended, yet another waste of OUR money". He also says he would like a fish and eel ladder to be put into the barrage so that the Sewin fish could return to the pond. 
Companies such as Paddle West are offering their services to the fourth part of the project, and the council say they have received fantastic comments from the public about the work already being done.