The people of Britain demand NHS Heroes get the substantial pay rise they so richly deserve.

Boris Johnson repeatedly stood outside No 10 Downing Street and clapped for the NHS. Skilled NHS workers had protected and nursed him through his severe bout of Covid. He owed his life to the NHS nursing staff.

Now all the talk about NHS Heroes has been shown to be just a meaningless smokescreen. The government has proposed a mere one per cent increase in NHS salaries, despite over 600 NHS and social care workers dying from Coronavirus. Already facing huge stress and personal danger, they are now kicked in teeth!

The government maintain they cannot afford any more. Yet they were willing to squander millions of tax payers money on PPE contracts for their cronies, often those who had little or no experience in such areas, resulting, too often in PPE that was simply not fit for purpose, useless.

Closer to home Boris Johnson has spent £200,000 on redecorating 10 Downing Street.

All over Britain people owe their lives, and those of their loved ones to the hard working NHS staff who repeatedly risk their own lives in the battle with Coronavirus.

They showed their gratitude by clapping on the doorstep.

This is a government public relations disaster. People are appalled by the mean ingratitude of this government!

We owe our NHS Heroes a huge debt of gratitude for all their sacrifices. Let’s show it with a substantial pay rise.


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