A far-wandering walrus, who made headlines after washing up in western Ireland recently, has come even closer to home, being spotted in south Pembrokeshire today, March 20.

The rare marine mammal recently wowed astounded onlookers during its visit to the coast of County Kerry, and has been doing the same at an undisclosed south Pembrokeshire beach today.

It is believed the walrus is a young adult, but it is not possible to determine the gender, as both males and females have tusks.

The arctic aquatic animal could now be making its epic return journey home to the frozen wastes after what is believed to be an accidental journey to the relatively warm waters of Ireland and Wales.

It is believed the walrus, possibly the first recorded in Pembrokeshire, may have come so far south from its usual home after a snooze on a floating iceberg.

A spokesman for Welsh Marine Life Rescue, who provided the pictures, said: “The team tell me it's back in the water now. May be seen again.

“Hopefully, it'll find its way home. Likely an adolescent, they tend to be the ones that take on epic journeys, though this one is a whopper of a swim.

“Rumour has it, it fell asleep in an iceberg and woke up off the Irish coast. Headed home but stopped off in Wales instead.”

So far, Welsh Marine Life Rescue, all funded by donations and volunteer time, has rescued 62 seals, one baby otter, three dolphins, and now and monitored a walrus!

No name has been given to the walrus, but those who sighted it in Ireland suggested Isabelle if it’s a girl, and Cian if it’s a boy.

For a lovely video of the walrus, click here.