A TEIFI Valley historian has launched an appeal to track down a fragment of a missing 14th century tombstone which disappeared about 25 years ago.

Glen Johnson said the lost stone was located in the infirmary of St Dogmaels Abbey from the 1950's until at least 1994. But at some point after this it was removed and all attempts to trace it have drawn a blank.

“As a youngster, it was one of my favourite items at the abbey,” Glen recalled this week.

“It was a fragment of a tombstone with a representation of a monk, probably an abbot.

“It disappeared about 25 years ago - does anybody know where it is?”

Glen only has a photo of the stone, taken in 1966, to help him in his quest.

“It seems to be a broken tomb effigy of probable 14th century date,” he said. “It shows either a monk or more likely an abbot wearing a curial hat, or else a saint, carrying a book.

“The inscription fragment includes the word "Andre...", and so it may be the tomb of Abbot Andrew or else a depiction of St Andrew.

“All of the other stones removed from the abbey ruins are currently in storage, and have been inspected, but this particular stone appears to be lost. If so, it is a very sad loss to the community.

“If located, it should be returned to the village and be housed in either the Coach House Visitors' Centre or the parish church.”