Swift nesting boxes have been installed at Withybush Hospital.

In a helping hand to the swift population Withybush Hospital has provided accommodation for the birds on their long migration back from Africa.

The boxes were installed at the hospital on Friday (April 30) with the swift nesting boxes put at various locations on site.

Sounder boxes were also installed which play swift calls to fellow swifts to come and check out the new facilities.

A spokesperson for the project said: "Colleagues from Estates and The Staff Psychological Wellbeing Service were joined by Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service to install the boxes, which will provide nesting birds a safe haven after their migration from Africa.

"Thank you to the Pembrokeshire Nature Partnership for providing the nests and sound boxes, and for the fire service’s time today.

"If you visit Withybush next month, listen out for the little birds in their summer retreat."

Swifts are very clean and remove all droppings well away from their nests so are completely safe birds to attract to a hospital site.