Megan Griffiths would go to the cinema one evening and be told to remain there all night due to a German bombing raid taking place over the city of Swansea, then, once the Germans had attacked, Megan would get up, leave the cinema and head to work the following morning.

A woman who has seen much through a long and full life, Megan celebrated her 100th birthday in a marquee party – under relaxed covid guidelines – just last week.

Born in the Mumbles, Megan spent much of her working life in Swansea before raising her children in Haverfordwest and retiring to Johnston where she now lives.

Born April 28, 1921, to Charles Allen Green and Nelly Purves, the eldest of three girls, Megan was raised in the Mumbles and worked at both the Guildhall for Swansea City Council and the coal board.

Remarkably Megan’s sisters are all knocking on the door of the 100 club to join their big sis. Megan is three and a half years older than Gaynor and five years older than Enid.

It was in Swansea, Megan met her husband, member of the RAF and a treasurer at Pembrokeshire County Council John Griffiths.

Sadly John passed away in 1994.

The couple had two boys, Allen and Robert, who they raised in Haverfordwest.

Allen and Robert both went to Haverfordwest Grammar School and then on to Oxford where they studied law. Allen was a solicitor now retired and Robert is still a practising QC in London.

A big cricket fan, Megan did her bit for the community taking part in voluntary work at the health clinics in Haverfordwest in the early days of family planning.

She’s also former Chairperson of the Pembrokeshire Conservatives Women’s Association.

Megan has three grandchildren, Charlie, Anna and Helena.

This reporter got the honour of speaking to Megan over the phone who was articulate and funny but also humble when asked what’s the secret to a long life.

“I suppose I have lived a life that is fairly normal and I have not tried to do anything out of the way to make it difficult for me to live a normal life, and I've worked all my life. That is all I can say.”

Her eldest son Robert, who practises law in London, made the point that, even though they are more at risk, Megan and her generation’s reaction to covid have been far more measured and philosophical than some of the younger generation’s responses.

Robert said it was a great privilege coming back from London to celebrate her mum’s birthday.

“She is a remarkable woman. She is extremely articulate and fluent and has always lived for other people, but has also managed to enjoy a full life. That has kept her going.”

Megan enjoyed her birthday celebrations with her sisters and her sons by her side. Her carers also presented her with a hundred roses.

Over the phone I asked Robert whether Megan would have a tipple at the party. Robert asked his mother and came to the line chuckling saying, "I asked her whether she would have a glass of sherry and she’s nodding her head.

"As a practising QC I have never come up against someone who is so good at talking. She can talk the hind legs off a donkey."

Many happy returns Megan.