A PAIR of delightful otters have been putting in a bid to upstage Wally the walrus in Tenby.

The agile duo captivated viewers from Castle Hill as they swam, dived and fed just yards away from the Arctic visitor's adopted territory on and around the RNLI lifeboat slipway.

Local photographer Rachel Mullett of Pembrokeshire Moments captured the antics of the Eurasian otters on camera yesterday afternoon, Sunday May 9.

She said: "It took a while to register what I'd seen as I visit Tenby regularly and had never seen them here before."

Rachel added: "The otters were feeding very happily at approximately 4.30pm quite close to high tide under Castle Hill and were flushing out fish from the seaweed surrounding the rocks under the cliffs.

"They seemed unfazed by the people that were there hoping to get a glimpse of Wally and were posing beautifully for photographs.

"Wally, apparently, is staying out at sea during rough weather so is not expected to return to the RNLI slip until the seas calm down again and will then need a good long rest.

"Crowds were however treated to a harbour porpoise feeding very close in to St Catherine's Island and these two beautiful otters along with diving gannets and passing whimbrel."

Eurasian otters are the UK's only native otter species, and can usually be sighted in Pembrokeshire's inland waterways.

A pair were recently filmed in Pembroke's Mill Pond

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