A group has been set up in Pembroke Dock by Star Wars fans hoping for a permanent exhibit in the area, given the connection between the dockyards and the 68 billion-dollar franchise.

Very few in the west Wales area haven't been told the tale of the Millennium Falcon being built in Pembroke Dock's dockyards before leaving for Pinewood Studios before the filming of The Empire Strikes Back.

Rhian Cowan is one Star Wars fan right at the heart of this new idea, and has already formed a group which has 'started making enquiries.'

Not just a permanent exhibit, but Rhian and her group of Star Wars fans hope for an annual celebration of the the building of the Falcon in Pembrokeshire.

It is their belief that Star Wars has brought so much joy to people across the world, and Pembroke Dock should celebrate the connection to the joyous franchise.

The group plans to meet next month to decide their strategy for taking their project further.

Rhian Cowan said: "A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, an unlikely but dedicated group of people from a town called Pembroke Dock, came together to learn of their Jedi history in order to teach the citizens of the planet the ways of the Jedi, support local trading posts and invigorate the community with new hope. An idea was born... to create an annual event in celebration of the birthplace of the Millennium Falcon... and so the story begins!"

For anyone interested in getting involved in the group, email projectpembrokedock@gmail.com.