VISITORS to Cardigan Castle are being invited to travel back in time 800 years as it unveils a stunning new interactive digital exhibition which attempts to recreate its medieval forerunner.

As part of the work undertaken under the Welsh Government’s Cultural Recovery Fund, Cardigan Castle teamed up with renowned historian Glen Johnson plus artist John Cook to produce a reconstruction of what the castle may have looked like in the 1300s.

Using surviving features alongside archaeological finds as well as historical references, Glen and John have been able to create an amazing representation in brilliant detail; all of which has been brought together by the digital wizardry of Heritage Interactive making it an easy to navigate and captivating experience.

Visitors can now compare the castle as it stands today with what was believed to have been on the site eight centuries ago.

“Cardigan Castle’s history is one of constant change over 900 years, so piecing together what this castle may have looked like has always been a daunting challenge,” admitted Glen.

“This project provided us with the opportunity to explore that process and I’m absolutely delighted with the result.”

Jonathan Thomas, Director of Cardigan Castle said: “This project has been a really exciting one to work on.

“It isn’t an easy undertaking and requires a lot of knowledge and interpretation of archaeological finds and clues.

“I remember floating the idea to Glen some six months ago, I was so pleased when he agreed to give it a go!

“A huge thank you from myself and the Trust to Glen and John for their work on this and also the Welsh Government Cultural Recovery Fund, without which it would not have been possible.”