DURING the election campaign many readers will have received a leaflet from UKIP through their door.

Its headline was "Fed up with politicians? Vote to put them out of a job".

I am delighted that Welsh voters did choose to put all UKIP candidates out of a job, because they are precisely the sort of politicians we are fed up with, summed up by the political career of their leader Neil Hamilton.

The fact that any politician with his history was able to be elected to the Welsh Assembly is an embarrassment to us all.

Up to what is hopefully now the end of his political career, he continued his use of scaremongering in his campaigning, with the election leaflet talking about "Labour's Nation of Sanctuary for illegal immigrants".

The Nation of Sanctuary movement is nothing to do with encouraging "illegal immigrants" to come to Wales. It is a movement that seeks to provide a welcoming environment to asylum seekers and refugees who are dispersed to Wales.

It receives cross party support from the type of compassionate and forward-thinking politicians who I want to see representing us, in stark contrast to those like Neil Hamilton.


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