A new page has been set up by Michael Allen and Brian Phillips from Milford Haven, with the single aim of bringing back a 50m swimming pool to the town.

The two men say their campaign 'will celebrate the memories of the former pool by moving into the future with a state of the art 50m pool of international standard.'

They hope a future outdoor pool will be present in the town, which will serve locals and open water tourism.

The page has been set up to spread the word of their campaign while still in the very early stages, and also to share the progress of the project.

More information will be provided on the page in the coming weeks and months, according to Michael and Brian.

Information will include how people can support and have an input into the campaign, and a list of roles needed in their action group.

Bring Back the Pool said: "This is not going to be a short haul flight.

"There is growing momentum behind the health benefits of all year outdoor swimming, other pools and lidos are bouncing back. If it can be done elsewhere it can be done in Milford Haven."