WALLY'S adventures get more and more intriguing with the wandering walrus now spotted in warmer waters off Spain.

This morning, Saturday June 5, Spanish whale-watching company Verballenas revealed that Wally has been spotted off the coast of the Basque country.

Here is a link to their Facebook with a video which shows Wally steadily making his way under leaden skies across the mouth of the Nervión.

The river runs through Bilbao and into the Bay of Biscay.

(Further down: new video of Wally when he was in La Rochelle)

Wally is now an extraordinary distance away from his usual habitat in the Arctic and seems to continue to be heading south.

Along with the video, Verbellanos said: "The walrus that appeared in La Rochelle (France) last week is already in Euskadi.

"Yesterday, Friday (June 4) and in the morning, the tugboats of the Bilbao Superport located her swimming at the mouth of the Nervión in apparent good health.

"They called 112 and kept a safe distance without harassing the walrus at any time."

French seafood company Capmoules has given the Western Telegraph a new video showing Wally ably getting out the water onto a pontoon in La Rochelle in May 29.

Wally looks to have had a whale of a time during his time on French shores, with pictures released showing him indulging in his favourite past time of taking nice long naps, with a couple of scratches in between.

French police described Wally as uncooperative when he was photographed snugly dozing off in a dinghy in Sables-d'Olonne.

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