Cllr Maureen Bowen raised concerns about an overgrowth of weeds around Pembroke Dock in the town council meeting on Thursday, June 3.

She said that she had never seen the weeds as bad, and asked if there is anyone to get rid of them.

Phil Lynch undertakes general maintenance around Pembroke Dock and was unanimously agreed that his work in the town is valued and appreciated, with deputy town clerk, Mandy Hart saying that he goes beyond his remit a lot of the time.

Cllr Bowen asked if it was part of that work to clear out the weeds, and there was a lengthy discussion on whether it was appropriate to ask him to sort out the problem.

It was then decided to ask if he would be happy to clear the weeds, and increase his hours.

Other councillors suggested providing special weed killer to residents that promises to keep the pavement free of weeds for three years in order to promote a 'do it yourself' attitude.