I CAME to St Davids camping for a few night; all my old favourites ie St Justinians now seem to be utterly "rammed"; it's tough for working people and camping prices are far higher than in Europe where it has to be said one may get a swimming pool thrown in for the price; but hey the coast was gorgeous and the cathedral is a gem; for any city.

I particularly enjoyed all the road verges with the heads of the umbellifers full of wild flowers but on the way out I found that they had all been recently cut and I drew up for a moment on Wednesday, July 14, and drew up alongside the driver of the tractor and said "that really does not require cutting mate".

The driver became utterly incandescent and started to descend from his cab in a visible rage at which point I thought it best to "drive off," and did so.

What an earth is going on? I was not rude; I merely said I do not think road verges should be cut; in fact I have been saying this for 40 years.

Peter Hack,