RESIDENTS are concerned about the latest proposed development of Pembrokeshire's former County Library, situated on Dew Street in Haverfordwest.

The library has been derelict and up for sale since 2020, but now there seems to be some movement on what might happen on the site.

This has raised concerns with residents about parking availability and intrusion on the rear of their properties, located on Barn Street, with the County Council advising them to seek 'legal advice' if they are worried.

When asked what has been proposed to go on the site, PCC said they could not disclose the potential purchaser as negotiations are on-going.

Contacted about resident's concerns, the council said: “Purchase negotiations are currently underway with respect to the former County Library at Haverfordwest, which has been on the market since last year.

"Pembrokeshire County Council, which owns the site, has made the potential buyer aware that some residents of Barn Street have been using the library for access and parking. Any residents with concerns should seek independent legal advice.

“Cllr Thomas Tudor has also advised residents of Barn Street that they can contact him as their local county councillor should they have any questions regarding this issue at”

Cllr Tudor, for whose ward of Castle the site is located, said he was optimistic that developers will be considerate to the concerns of locals.

Cllr Tudor said: "As the local councillor I will be making sure that whoever purchases the land will take into consideration the needs of the residents in terms of having access to the rear of their properties."