Rominy Colville is the latest person to participate in Sport Pembrokeshire's profile series.

Rominy is an 'active young people primary and community officer,' at Sport Pembrokeshire, supporting high quality sporting experiences within primary schools in the mid and south of the county.

She also focuses on engaging parents and raising awareness of the importance of physical literacy, delivering sessions that aim to ensure everyone has a lifelong enjoyment of sport and physical activity.

Rominy has always enjoyed a range of sport, including tennis - being related to 1910 Wimbledon champion Anthony Wilding - but also netball, squash and athletics.

After studying PE and Sport Science at Loughborough University, she completed a PGCE at Bristol University before working as a peripatetic tutor at schools across Pembrokeshire.

She also helps co-ordinate community events across the county including community club junior open days and superstar events, as well as supporting local community clubs access funding and promote junior memberships.

Her role also involves providing opportunity to upskill the workforce. She co-manages a team of platinum young ambassadors, leaders in sport who assist with the delivery of opportunities across the county.

Rominy's hope for the future is 'to create a more active and healthy Pembrokeshire, where sport and physical activity is part of everyone’s lives.'

She said: "Sport and physical activity provide the perfect vehicle through which to develop the crucial skills and attributes to prepare children for the wider world and all life’s challenges.

"Providing diverse and multiple opportunity across school and community settings develops not only physical competence but also the motivation and confidence to make behavioural changes."