Senedd member Paul Davies recently visited Milford Haven and helped volunteers to clear the Goose Pill path.

He met with local volunteer coordinator David Williams and heard about the work of the local volunteer group and spent some time himself clearing the path and helping to keep the area tidy and safe for local walkers.

He then praised the efforts of David and others who have worked tirelessly to ensure the area can continue to be enjoyed by all.

Mr Davies said: “The Goose Pill path area in Milford Haven is a beautiful spot for walkers and it’s crucial that everything possible is done to make sure the area is as clear and safe as possible.

"I was delighted to team up with local volunteer David Williams and spend some time clearing the path so that it can continue to be used in the future. The footpath is valued by so many people in the local area, but it requires ongoing maintenance and support.

"Therefore, if anyone would like to help David, then please get in touch. He’s currently looking for volunteers and so if this is something that you’d like to get involved with, then please contact David on 07475 713602.”