ON driving into St Davids once again, I was met - not by a wonderful view - but by the ugliest new housing estate I think I’ve ever seen.

Once again, the planners and developers have excelled themselves; we now have a new estate which looks and is already commonly known as The Barracks, as it looks like an army barracks.

I know many St Davids people are shocked at how unattractive it actually is, and it seems there has been no effort by the architects and planners to build anything that remotely fits in with its surroundings.

I don’t imagine Prince Charles, who visited St Davids recently, saw the new builds - if he did, I’m sure he would have uttered his immortal words ‘a carbunkle’ in such a beautiful area of natural beauty.

Shame on whoever is responsible for building the hideous, now mostly second, homes, I know only one that has been sold as affordable housing.

Frances Robinson

By email