Tenby's all-weather lifeboat launched late into the night of Saturday, September 11, after a call came through about two people cut off by the tide.

The panicked call came through at 10pm, where the two people said they were cut off by the tide at Worm's Head, before the call got cut off.

A speedy trip was made by the crew to Worm's Head, approximately 17 miles south-east of Tenby, alongside the inshore lifeboat from Horton.

Arriving within minutes of each other, both lifeboats put some crew members ashore to search the coves and gullies, before starting the search by sea, aided by searchlights.

Approximately an hour later, the volunteer crews searching the shore found the two people. They were cold, but otherwise safe and well.

It had been too dark and dangerous to attempt to get back across to the mainland, so they had decided to wait for the tide to go out.

After being checked over by the crews, the two people insisted that they wanted to wait for the tide to go out, rather than be taken off by lifeboat.

With the casualties found safe and well and happy to stay where they were, both lifeboats were stood down, with Tenby arriving back at the station at 12.30am.