SHAME on Chris Williams in Pembroke Dock for his bigoted and ill-informed letter concerning Same Sex marriages and the scriptures.

I would challenge him/her, as he/she says he/she is a Christian, to find, in his scripture, where his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ speaks out against homosexuality.

He/she will be hard-pressed to because Jesus never says anything for or against homosexuality, he never talks of it at all.

Perhaps Mr/Ms Williams is referring to what is said of homosexuality in the Old Testament, which is actually ambiguous.

If that is the case then perhaps Mr/Ms Williams would like to express his/her thoughts on other subjects that his/her god decrees on in the Old Testament, such as slavery, he never says slavery is wrong and an abhorrence, he actually gives very clear instructions on how to treat your slave.

Or how about rape?

He never says rape is a that rape is a crime and should not be committed, he just says that if a man rapes a woman then he should marry her.

As for a disobedient child, the law in this country bans smacking children but, both Deuteronomy and Exodus has god telling us that a disobedient child should be put to death.

So Mr/Ms Williams what do you say to all these parts of the scriptures you value so dearly?

You cannot cherry pick passages from the Bible to suit your bigoted views.

It's a funny old thing when an Atheist knows more about The bible than a Christian.