A COUNTY councillor has resorted to presenting a notice of motion to Pembrokeshire County which could push property owners on Haverfordwest's High Street to do work to their vacant buildings.

Cllr Tom Tudor described the 'poor state' and 'unsightly' internal and external appearances of various properties on Haverfordwest's High Street in a letter sent to the Western Telegraph.

Cllr Tudor wrote: "I have been approached by several of my constituents, and other residents of Haverfordwest and Pembrokeshire who have expressed serious concerns regarding the poor state and condition of various properties on the High Street.

"In serious consideration to my constituents’ concerns, I am presenting this notice of motion calling on Pembrokeshire County Council to exercise its powers, utilising acts of parliament, including the council's own Empty Property Enforcement Action Plan, to put in place measures to ensure that property owners take the necessary steps to remedy the unsafe, unsightly internal and external structures and appearance of their properties within a six-month period following the enforcement notice action being served upon them."

The Acts Cllr Tudor will utilise include the council's Empty Property Enforcement Action Plan.

The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (Section 215) - which allows the local authority to serve notice to require an owner to take steps to remedy the unsightly land or external appearance of the property within a specified time period.

Building Act 1984 (Sections 77 and 78) - which calls for owners to make a ruinous or dilapidated property safe or enable local authority to take emergency action to make the property safe.

Building Act 1984 (Section 79) – a notice to require the renovation or demolition of a ruinous or dilapidated building.

Listed Buildings and Conservation Act – a notice of urgent works and repair notice provision under sections 48 and 54.

In August it was revealed Pembrokeshire has the third highest amount of long-term empty homes in all of Wales.

In June, Pembrokeshire County Council held a consultation on the authority’s policies relating to second homes and long-term empty properties.

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