Plaid Cymru’s spokesperson for Agriculture and Rural Affairs has accused the Westminster Government of "broken promises" following the budget and comprehensive spending review last month.

It was announced that an average of £300 million a year would be allocated to Wales for agriculture and rural development over the next three financial years - £37 million less than the budget allocated in 2019.

Speaking in the Senedd on Wednesday (17 November), Cefin Campbell MS, said that such a drop in funding could undermine rural communities.

He accused the Conservatives of a betrayal of their previous commitment in relation to Common Agriculture Policy funding, previously received by the Welsh agriculture sector through the European Union.

He stated that in 2019 the Conservatives made a manifesto pledge to ‘guarantee the current annual CAP budget to farmers in every year of the next Parliament’.

Highlighting the concern to Lesley Griffiths MS, Welsh Government Minister for Rural Affairs, Mr Campbell noted that the reduction in funding for Welsh agriculture would equate to £248 million over the next 4 years - this on top of a £137 million cut in this financial year.

Mr Campbell, Plaid Cymru’s Senedd Member for Mid & West Wales said: “Agriculture in Wales over the next four years will see a reduction of £248 million - revealing the emptiness of the rhetoric of the Conservatives and the Brexiteers in their manifesto of 2019.

"This betrayal is likely to have a damaging impact in undermining our family farms and rural economy, and makes it clear that supporting Welsh farmers isn't a high priority for the Tories.”

Answering Mr Campbell’s question, Lesley Griffiths MS said: “You make a very important point, and certainly, the UK Government have clearly let down our farmers and our rural communities here in Wales.

“Both myself and the Minister for Finance have continually complained about the methodology that has been used by the UK Government.

"And I'm very disappointed that they didn't take a different approach this year following our representations last year.”