OVER recent days I have, via the Western Telegraph, tried to fly the Fishguard flag that was once flown by its merchant seamen around the world: they included many of my own generation.

In my case the flag was flown by air, as I pursued my career as a specialist construction lawyer through the company I formed on returning from Lesotho where my late wife Sue and I had lived for nine years.

After dissolving the company solvently I retired from the scene, but have retained the website address for sentimental reasons.

Possibly, the sentimentality extends into my attempts to fly the flag through your medium as a means of 'levelling up' the coverage of the various areas of my home county.

The phrase itself has become a cliche ever since Brexit, and does very little by way of levelling between the southern and other areas of England, let alone Wales, as part of the United Kingdom.

Derek Griffiths, Cardiff