Local Extinction Rebellion activists from protested outside the Barclays Bank branch in Haverfordwest this week highlighting claims that the bank invests heavily into fossil fuel ventures that contribute to global CO2 emissions.

The protesters from Fishguard and Haverfordwest were reacting to information in the report Banking on Climate Chaos 2021, which put Barclays as the worst bank in Europe in terms of the large amounts of money it puts into supporting the fossil fuel industry.

The report says it invested £104 billion between 2016 and 2020, despite the international Paris Agreement in 2015 to limit global warming, which is mainly driven by emissions from burning fossil fuels.

“The world has warmed by 1.2 degrees since 1850 and we are already seeing dangerous consequences - with flooding here in Wales and wildfires and other extreme weather events across the globe,” said a group spokesperson.

XR protestor Sian from Fishguard said: “Barclays is Europe’s worst fossil funding bank. Don’t believe the greenwash on their website - Barclays funds new fossil fuel exploration and exploitation, when we know from the International Energy Authority that we can’t afford to start any new fossil fuel projects .

“We’re letting their customers know what they’re up to and how to switch to a cleaner bank. Cutting the funding for destruction could help keep our children safer.”

Chris from Fishguard added: “Some of the people who stopped to talk to us were shocked to hear about Barclays funding for everything from Arctic drilling, tar sands and fracking to oil, gas and coal. Standing out in the cold, it was lovely to have supporting toots and waves from passing traffic.”

Extinction Rebellion are calling on the government to; tell the truth, act now and hold Citizens' Assemblies to work out an equitable way forward on the climate crisis for all sectors of society.

The group is also calling for a complete and immediate ending to all new fossil fuel developments.