With Christmas just days away, the time for stocking up the fridge has begun.

Soon fridges will be filled with cheese, nibbles and all the vegetable trimmings needed for your roast dinner.

If you’re still to decide where to get your Christmas shopping this year, Iceland may tip the scales this year.

All of Iceland’s fresh and frozen vegetables that are priced at £1 or under will be available for just 1p when you buy three packs online. 

Yes, 1p!

But you need to move quickly, as the deal runs out at midnight.

Christmas 2021 has seen supermarkets battling over who can provide the cheapest vegetables, with some offering veg for as low as 18p.

Western Telegraph: Iceland Penny Sale (Iceland)Iceland Penny Sale (Iceland)

But Iceland has taken it one step further, and truly put its veg at unbeatable prices.

Shoppers can pick up the whole fresh and frozen vegetable range from Iceland Carrots (£0.79, 880g) and Iceland Sprouts (£1.00, 900g) to Iceland Parsnips (£0.79, 660g) now for just 1p each in the sale, making their Christmas Day celebrations cheaper and more delicious than ever before.

How to get your Christmas veg for 1p at Iceland

 To get this incredible deal, all you need to do is enter code ‘ICEVEG1’ at the checkout when you add three packs of your chosen vegetables.

The sale is live now, but ends at midnight on Wednesday, December 22, so you’ll need to be quick!

All fresh vegetables included in Iceland’s offer will have ‘Best Before’ dates that fall after Christmas Day to ensure they’re fresh and ready for the big day.

Richard Walker, Managing Director at Iceland, said: “Christmas has become more important than ever this year, with families having lost out on precious time together last time around. That’s why we’re delighted to support our customers by cutting the costs of their festive feasts whilst also releasing a further 180,000 delivery slots between now and Christmas Eve.

“It isn’t just about winning the battle for the cheapest supermarket veg – we wanted to make sure that everyone is able to have a brilliant Christmas with their loved ones without having to worry about the monetary hangover that often follows.” 

Iceland has also released 180,000 delivery slots, available to book between now and Christmas Eve, to ensure more customers can have their food delivered in time for the big day.

Full list of Christmas vegetables included in Iceland’s one penny sale:

Fresh Vegetables

  • Iceland Carrots, 800g, 79p 
  • Iceland Parsnips, 660g, 79p
  • Iceland Broccoli, 400g, 79p
  • Iceland British Brussels Sprouts, 500g, 79p
  • Iceland Savoy Green Cabbage, 1 unit, 79p 
  • Iceland Curly Kale, 200g, £1.00
  • Iceland Green Beans, 220g, £1.00
  • Iceland Sugar Snap Peas, 160g, £1.00
  • Iceland Large Flat Mushrooms, 250g, £1.00
  • Iceland Closed Cup Mushrooms, 300g, £1.00 
  • Iceland Farmers Market Button Mushrooms, 125g, 65p
  • Iceland Chestnut Mushrooms, 250g, £1.00
  • Iceland Brown Onions, 3 pack, £1.00
  • Iceland Red Onions, 3 pack, £1.00
  • Iceland Onions, 1kg, £1.00
  • Iceland Traditional Mash Potato, 400g, £1.00
  • Mash Direct Carrot Parsnip & Turnip Mash, 400g, £1.00
  • Iceland Baby New Potatoes With Herb Butter, 360g, £1.00
  • Iceland Carrot Batons, 300g, 70p
  • Iceland Stew Pack (Onion, Swede, Parsnip & Carrot), 900g, £1.00
  • Iceland Cut Soup Vegetables, 320g, £1.00 
  • Iceland Garlic, 4 pack, £1.00

Frozen Vegetables 

  • Iceland Garden Peas, 800g, £1.00
  • Iceland Button Sprouts, 900g, £1.00
  • Iceland Country Mix (carrots, peas, cauliflower, green beans), 900g, £1.00
  • Iceland Broccoli Florets, 800g, £1.00
  • Iceland Baby Carrots, 900g, £1.00
  • Iceland Cauliflower Florets, 800g, £1.00
  • Iceland Very Fine Whole Green Beans, 900g, £1.00
  • Iceland Floret Mix, 800g, £1.00
  • Iceland Petit Pois Peas, 600g, £1.00
  • Iceland Floret & Carrot Mix, 900g, £1.00
  • Iceland Mixed Veg 900g, £1.00
  • Iceland Sliced Green Beans, 650g, £1.00
  • Iceland Tenderstem Broccoli, 180g, £1.00

Shop the Iceland penny sale on the website here.