Martin Lewis has issued urgent advice for homeowners which could save them £100s.

The Money Saving Expert released his remortgaging guide for anyone looking at getting a new mortgage.

The guide is for anyone who already has a mortgage on their home.

A remortgage can be for many reasons – maybe you're coming to the end of your current deal, or your deal's no longer right for you. Or maybe you want to try to cut costs, or consolidate debts.

Martin Lewis mortgage advice

The free guide covers a range of topics including how to know if remortgaging is right for you, and what the alternatives are if it isn’t.

It also provides a step-by-step guide on how to get a remortgage.

Mr Lewis said: “First up, ask your current lender what it's offering, so you've got something to benchmark against.

“Once you've done that (and if what your current lender is offering isn't great), you've got two main options when applying for a remortgage deal, either doing it solo by going direct to a lender, or applying via a broker.

“Our full Remortgage guide sets out in detail how both options work, though using a broker is often the best bet as they can whittle down the top deals quickly, often have special deals only available via a broker and also know what type of mortgages would best suit your personal circumstances.”

You can get the free 64-page guide here.

Martin Lewis car and home insurance warning

It comes weeks after the Money Saving Expert issued an “urgent warning” on car and home insurance.

On The Martin Lewis Money Show, Mr Lewis explained: “We have talked about this one the show before, but the time is really getting close now.

“This is an urgent warning on car and home insurance. There is a big rule change when the champagne corks pop on January 1.

“The insurance rules change radically. It is the end of the loyalty premium.

“From that date insurers must charge, on aggregate, existing customers the same as new customers. Currently existing customers pay a lot more.”

While that may be a good thing in the long run, Martin Lewis explained why it could lead to short term price hikes.

He added: “I know a lot of you will be cheering that, and it is a good thing generally, but, in the short term, switchers prices will likely jump.

“Don’t expect the prices of existing customers to drop to new customers levels.

“They are likely to meet in the middle somewhere, so prices for switchers will rise.”