A community-spirited couple has provided their village with a new defibrillator after asking for donations instead of gifts for a recent special occasion.

Steve and Scilla Nicholls were re-married at St Peter's Church, Little Newcastle in May, and decided that they did not want conventional wedding presents.

Instead, they kindly wished for a collection to be made in order to provide Little Newcastle with a defibrillator.

At the beginning of December, this aim became a reality and the defibrillator has been placed in a central location - the porch wall of the village hall.

It is hoped to hold a training session soon on the correct use of the machine.

On the morning of Sunday, December 12, the defibrillator was dedicated by the vicar, Rev R Davies, in Little Newcastle in honour of Scilla's parents -  John ('Jack') William Williamson, 1908-1980 and Dorothy Williamson, 1922-2000.

Both had been serving members of the Armed Forces during the Second World War and, unfortunately, both passed away due to heart complications.

Ennis Suleyman spoke on behalf of the family.