Plans are afoot for another floating windfarm off the coast of Pembrokeshire, consisting of 20 turbines which would produce enough energy to power around 232,392 homes.

Falck Renewables and Bluefloat Energy have already secured grid connections and are currently conducting monthly bird and mammal surveys.

In September 2021the companies signed an agreement with National Grid, securing a 300MW connection in south Wales.

There is hope that the Llywelyn floating offshore wind farm, located 40 miles off the Pembrokeshire coast, could be operational in five years’ time, making a significant contribution to meeting the government’s target for floating offshore wind in the UK.

The companies say the Pembrokeshire site has been selected following an extensive assessment process which included the review of protected areas, environmental impact, cable routing, existing infrastructure, marine traffic, and fishing activity.

Falck Renewables and BlueFloat Energy are also actively engaged with the supply chain in Wales and are planning on developing a local manufacturing base for offshore wind, maximising existing regional infrastructure while optimising new investments.

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The partnership believes the Llywelyn wind farm will play a major role in the development of a floating wind industry in the Celtic Sea, and will be instrumental as a stepping stone for larger developments by the end of the decade.

Richard Dibley, managing director of Falck Renewables Wind Ltd, said:

“Falck Renewables is extremely pleased with the progress made over the past year with our Celtic Sea floating offshore wind projects.

“Should Llywelyn be consented, Wales will witness the birth of a new industry, where local businesses and communities will be the first to benefit.

“As these projects will quickly enter the planning system, they will also make an important contribution to the UK’s net zero targets.”

Carlos Martin, CEO of BlueFloat Energy, added:

“As our joint venture has already undertaken considerable work, we believe that our 300MW Llywelyn project [alongside another project off the coast of Devon] can be delivered by 2027-2028.

“These stepping stone projects could deliver 60% of the UK’s 2030 target.

“Ultimately, Falck Renewables and BlueFloat Energy believe that by continuing our working relationship with The Crown Estate and the local development community, we can deliver between 1 and 2GW of the 4GW 2035 target, ensuring that the Celtic Sea becomes one of the key European offshore wind zones.”