A WOMAN was kicked in the side of the face by her partner on a bus while returning from a shopping trip together, a court heard.

On January 12, Haverfordwest Magistrates Court heard how 34-year-old Paul Webber, of Winch Lane, Haverfordwest, had been in a prolonged on-and-off argument with his partner on a shopping trip.

Tempers boiled over on the bus home where Webber shouted obscenities at his partner. When she moved seat he took a shoe out of one of the shopping bags and threw it at her. Two witnesses claim Webber then got up and kicked her in the side of the face. The complainant then asked for the bus to be stopped and got off.

The incident occurred on October 9 at Neyland.

On October 16 the complainant asked for a restraining order to be put in place.

In a victim statement she said: “This incident has really scared me. He is unpredictable and his behaviour impacts my mental health.”

Defence solicitor Tom Lloyd said it was better for Webber to receive rehabilitation rather than go to prison as it was ‘inevitable’ the couple will end up together again.

“Is a restraining order necessary?” asked Mr Lloyd. “My client says the complainant has been contacting him. It is inevitable they will end up back in a relationship again."

Mr Lloyd continued: “My client takes responsibility for his actions which is a tremendous first step in engaging with rehabilitation. He knows his behaviour was completely unacceptable and wants to apologise through me for his actions.”

Webber pleaded guilty to one charge of assault.

He was given an eight week prison sentence, suspended for 24 months. Requirements of the suspension included taking part in a program of relationship counselling.

Webber will pay £128 surcharge, £85 costs and £50 compensation.

The application for a restraining order was rejected, the presiding magistrate deeming it was not proportionate in this case.