A MAN from Haverfordwest has been sent to prison for eight weeks for drug offences and using threatening behaviour.

In total Jed Matthew Sam Hitchings, 24, of Meadow Walk, Haverfordwest, was charged with four offences – two drug-related and two for using threatening and abusive behaviour.

All the offences occured at Swansea Train Station on May 18, 2021.

Hitchings was found in possession of Pregablin and 25.3g of Sobuty l-Hexedrone.

Sobuty l-Hexedrone is a stimulant sold as a ‘designer drug’ - and Pregablin is a drug which among other things is used to treat epilepsy and anxiety.

Sobuty l-Hexedrone is registered as class B and Pregablin class C.

Hitchings pleaded guilty to all charges at Swansea Magistrate’s Court on January 12.

For being in possession of Pregablin, Hitchings was sent to prison for four weeks. For being in possession of Sobuty l-Hexedrone he was also sent to prison for four weeks.

The consecutive sentences will run concurrent with two eight week prison sentences, also to run concurrent, for two charges of using threatening and abusive behaviour at the station.

Hitchings will also pay a surcharge of £128.