A Pembrokeshire farmer who says Ukrainians ‘poured blood and sweat’ to build his business, says that the UK Government must do more to help those fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Matt Yorke director of Pembrokeshire Llamas said that over the past few years Ukrainian volunteers had helped build his business.

“They made sure hundreds of animals were healthy and cared for on a daily basis,” he said.

“They have assisted and entertained thousands of customers. Poured their blood and sweat into our vision, digging and chopping and cutting from dawn to dusk.

“They are the hardest workers ever to set foot on the farm.

Matt says that, at the moment, the business is dependent on a network of volunteers, the vast majority from overseas, and that the Ukrainian volunteers are: “The most hard working and generous people that we have ever met, with a great sense of humour.

“It is absolutely no surprise to see stories in the media such as the Ukrainian defenders on Snake Island, the people standing up to tanks in the middle of the road, and the chap who offered to tow broken down soldiers back to Russia,” he said.

“These people don’t break easily. They are an asset to their country and would be an asset to Wales and the UK.”

Pembrokeshire Llamas is still in daily close contact with several volunteers from Ukraine.

“Some have fled, many have stayed,” he said. “Our volunteers tell us about their young friends who are fighting.

“I am in daily contact with several people there. I have watched some flee west through multiple countries over the past few days on location tracking apps - a very surreal humbling experience.

“Some (but certainly not all) have asked me about gaining refugee status in the UK. It is heart-breaking that I cannot give them better news, as the UK government drags its heals over a respectable humanitarian response.”

Matt said that other friends live away from the major conflict zones, or have moved to quieter parts of the country.

“I know people who would normally work in Kyiv but have since moved back to stay with family for obvious reasons,” he said.

“Even in the quieter regions they are reporting explosions and sirens during the night and sometimes during the day.

“There are lots of cars and people out on the streets as people buy food, make preparations or check in on friends and family. Many people have bags packed ready to run to shelter if bombing starts.”

Matt is urging Pembrokeshire people to email their local MP so that’ we can focus politician’s minds and make this [refugee status for Ukrainian people] a priority’.

“The Home Office response so far has been laughable,” said Matt.

“The EU and even the US is putting us all to shame. Mark Drakeford’s announcement that refugees are welcome in Wales was good news.

"Now we are all waiting on the Home Office to do something about it.

“These people have been displaced by war, running from the jaws of death. And I want to see Priti Patel and Boris Johnson take some ownership of this situation and for once make me proud to be part of the UK.”

You can find your MPs address at members.parliament.uk/FindYourMP.