A local farmer is collecting supplies for people in the Ukraine and is able to take three van loads to a drop off point in Newport this week.

Adam Vincent from Trehale farm is taking donations from local people up to Newport, Gwent, where other drivers will take the supplies to the Polish border with Ukraine.

The full list of items needed can be seen below.

Adam and his drivers will be leaving Trehale on Friday morning, March 4 so donations will need to dropped off before then.

However it is foreseen that this will be an ongoing supply convoy. For information about future drop off times, see Trehale’s Facebook page.

“If you have any of the items listed and care to donate, please drop off in our barn at Trehale Farm,” said Adam.

“I have access to around three vans and drivers, and we are happy to take as much as possible when needed.”

People making donations are welcome to add small message, little cards or make a blue and yellow bracelet.

These are the items most needed in the Ukraine at the moment. The coordinators have already had a lot of clothes so are asking that no more of these are donated at present, the same goes for books, toys and shoes.

Items needed for refugees

camping mats, sleeping bags, warm blankets, thermal underwear of different sizes, hot water bottles, thermoses, thermal burners, baby food, nappies of different sizes, hygiene products for women, other hygiene items (toothbrushes, toothpaste, wet wipes), first aid kits

You can donate food and drink: protein bars, three in one coffee sachets, small packets nuts/raisins, cup of soups, crunchy peanut butter - in plastic containers not glass

Items needed for the military:

walkie-talkies up to 10 km,  powerful power banks, helmets,  armour, backpacks, socks, camping mats, sleeping bags, energy bars

Medical items needed

hemostatic Celox-A , paracetamol, ibuprophen, cold/flu treatment, cough syrup,  lozenges, vicks vapour rub, antiseptic cream, barrier cream, dressings: bandages, plasters. compression gauze,  bandages, harnesses, tires, turnstiles, complete first aid kits, stretchers

Tools needed for First Aid vehicle repair

spanners, socket sets, tow ropes, jump leads, screwdrivers, wrench, spear fuses, pliers

Other items

torches waterproof ground sheets dry bags - dark colours! You are more than welcome to a add small message, little cards, make a blue and yellow bracelet