Several Senedd representatives visited the Welsh Parliament today (Tuesday, March 3), as the Disasters Emergency Committee’s (DEC) Ukraine humanitarian appeal was launched.

Joyce Watson, MS for Mid and West Wales was in attendance, as was Samuel Kurtz, MS for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire.

The appeal by the DEC is for the general public to donate what they can to help provide support to the people of Ukraine.

The DEC brings together leading UK aid charities to raise funds quickly and efficiently in times of emergency, such as the Ukraine crisis.

Four million people are expected to be displaced due to the ongoing conflict, with a further 18 million expected to be affected.

Joyce Watson said after the event: “This week we celebrated St David, who encouraged us to ‘do the little things.’

“Faced with Russia’s horrifying invasion of Ukraine, it is easy to feel powerless. But, if you can, one thing you can do is donate to DEC’s Ukraine humanitarian appeal.”

She added: “During the Second World War, my father escaped from Poland to Scotland, and eventually home to Wales, with the help of strangers.

“Four million people are expected to be displaced by the conflict in Ukraine, leaving behind jobs, belongings and loved ones.

"They are relying on the compassion of strangers to provide food, water, shelter, healthcare and protection.”

Samuel Kurtz also commented: “The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is becoming ever-more worrying as Putin continues his assault on the independent, sovereign Ukrainian people.

“It’s innocent men, women and children who are suffering the consequences and we’re all too aware of the harrowing stories and images coming from Eastern Europe.

“It is important that we show solidarity with the people of Ukraine and help those brilliant charities who are getting much needed aid, medical supplies, food, clothing, toiletries and much more, to the front line.

“Welsh people are desperate to help and hopefully today’s event will help signpost people to where and how they can support.”

Every pound donated for the DEC Ukraine appeal will be match-funded pound-for-pound by the UK Government, up to £20 million.

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