After 30 years there are no longer nuns at St Nons, as the three remaining Sisters of Mercy, who lived at the retreat at the birthplace of St David, moved out last week.

A spokesperson for the Passionist Fathers, who own St Nons, said that one of the sisters had moved to Bristol and the other two had taken up residence in London.

The sisters had lived at the retreat at the birthplace of Wales patron saint for the past 30 years.

The retreat said to be ‘a place of spirituality and hospitality, a haven for those who come seeking peace’, is close to the ruins of St Non’s Chapel, the spot where St David was born around 500 AD.

It is also close to St Non’s Well, regarded as one of the most sacred wells in Wales.

The retreat next to the unique Chapel of Our Lady and St Non, built in 1934. It contains many stones from ruined pre-reformation chapels in the area and the stained glass windows depict Saints Non, David, Bride, Brynach and Winifred.

The spot has proved a popular place for religious and spriritual retreats over the past decades.

The Sisters of Mercy was set up in the early 19th century 'to bring mercy to people who are poor, sick and uneducated'.

Its work continues today, and it has a presence in Birmingham, Edinburgh, London, South Africa. The sisters still have a presence in Pembrokeshire at St Teresa's convent in Fishguard another two sisters live in the parish of Fishguard.

The spokesperson said that it was initially hoped to hold a farewell celebration for the three remaining sisters, however this had been curtailed by the Covid pandemic and restrictions.

He added that there was ‘absolutely no truth' in the rumour that an order of monks would move into St. Nons.

“The reality is that the Passionist Fathers, who own St. Nons, are investigating a number of possibilities for the use of the property,” he said.

“This is a process which will take several months.”

When asked what possible future uses were being considered, he said that no further comment was possible due to the fathers being ‘at the beginning of a discernment process, which could take some time’.