A juvenile common dolphin alone in a Pembrokeshire harbour is being monitored by a local conservation charity, in the hope it will return to the open sea on the falling tide.

The dolphin made its first appearance in Fishguard Harbour yesterday, March 8, as one of a pair.

By the end of the day it seemed that they had both gone back out to sea. However, today the younger dolphin returned.

“Yesterday, we had reports of two common dolphins in the harbour,” said Sea Trust director, Cliff Benson.

“We kept an eye on them and it seemed that they had gone by the end of the day on the falling tide.

“This morning one of them, a juvenile, was back again.

“Sadly, the prognosis is not good, as without its mother or the rest of its pod its chances of survival are poor.

“Sea Trust has alerted Pembrokeshire Marine Mammal Rescue and the Welsh Strandings Agency and with them and the RSPCA, we have been monitoring the situation.

“We are hoping the dolphin moves out in the open sea with the falling tide.”