The Welsh rugby team will be fuelled with Pembrokeshire power when they go up against France this evening, as the boys have incorporated a special local ingredient into their nutritional routine.

The Welsh players have been supping on locally produced Morfa Milk, including it in their protein smoothies and teas and coffees.

Fishguard’s Morfa Milk has been in production since July 2020 and has proved a hit with locals and visitors alike.

The team was introduced to its farm-fresh creamy goodness by its senior physiotherapist, John Miles who was born and bred in Fishguard. The teams' nutritionist Chris Edwards soon got on board with introducing it into the team’s diet.

For the last three weeks Morfa Milk’s Randal Williams has been delivering around 36 bottles a week to the Vale Resort.

“Their nutritionist is very happy with it and the team has been loving it,” said Morfa Milk’s Christy Williams.

“They have a big coffee culture up there, so they have been enjoying it in their coffee and in protein shakes.

“We are thrilled it has been a hit. Hopefully it will continue. Randal is a huge rugby fan as well as a rugby player and coach, so it’s been quite exciting.

“Huge thanks to John and Chris and best of luck to the team against France tonight.”