Traffic through a part of the A40 in Pembrokeshire is set to be affected by roadworks.

The work could affect traffic along the A40 trunk road between Robeston Wathen Roundabout and Pengawse Hill Junction between the hours of 7pm and 6am.

A temporary traffic regulation order (TTRO) notice has been given as a contingency should the road need to be temporarily closed, as part of a resubmitted notice to adjust the speed limits.

Contractors Griffiths have said any short term road closure would be an absolute 'last option,' and 'only if completely unavoidable', although the road is expected to remain open whilst works are carried out.

Adam Bateman, lead on stakeholder relations for Griffiths, said: “I can confirm that there will be no long-term nightly road closure to the A40 between Redstone Cross and Llandewi Velfrey.

"The TTRO was recently resubmitted to allow for changes to the temporary speed restrictions following feedback from our stakeholders.

"Other elements of the TTRO are present as a contingency and if a road closure is required, it would be need to be as a result of unavoidable works, will be very brief in nature, will be well broadcasted with appropriate diversions in place, and kept to an absolute minumum during peak hours."

Griffiths have reported that consultation is underway for a potential very short closure to allow the new A40 to connect with the old A40 later on in the project, potentially during a weekend towards the end of 2022, but this has not yet been confirmed.

The effect of the proposed Order is to temporarily prohibit all vehicles (other than those being used by the emergency services) from proceeding on that length of the A40, with alternative routes in place.

Speed limits of 50, 40, 30 or 10 miles per hour on all vehicles (other than any vehicle being used by the emergency services) may be required, and vehicles may be prohibited from overtaking when the 10 miles per hour speed limit is in operation.

Vehicles (other than those being used by the emergency services) may also be prohibited from making a right hand or a left hand turn in the lengths of the A40, with alternative routes in place, which will be signed accordingly.

The Welsh Government's public notice on the Temporary Prohibition of Traffic on the A40 Trunk Road, Robeston Wathen Roudabout, can be found HERE.